In August 2010, our Founder, Codrina, was in the hospital with a life-threatening respiratory condition she battled for several days.  People around the world were praying for her healing, so that she could continue to serve the Lord and make a difference in the world.  One night, her mother, who was sleeping by her hospital bedside, dreamed that Codrina was falling down into a grave and that hundreds of hands reached out to her, holding flowers, and then that Codrina was lifted out of that pit.  In her dream, Codrina's mother heard a voice that was saying, "This young lady was saved, so that she can help save others." 

 We know the hands in the dream were the hands joined in prayer for Codrina's life, but also that there are millions of hands worldwide who are reaching out for help; the hands in our logos are those hands, from every race of the world, asking for help, the hands to which we would like to extend relief.  At the same time, our main focus is to point out that the best and the only eternal help comes straight from God's heart (represented in our logo) and that His light and love dissipate all the clouds of our earthly trials.  The heart-shaped opening in the clouds depicted in our logo is actually a real image Codrina saw one morning in the sky while having her time of prayer in her backyard.