The name of our organization, "Heaven Preview," was inspired from the writings of Reverend Richard Wurmbrand, best known in the U.S. for having founded The Voice of Martyrs, who was imprisoned for his Christian faith for 14 years under the Romanian fascist and communist governments.  In his 1988 book, Proofs of God's Existence, he wrote: "The invisible God becomes visible in those who by faith are changed from glory to glory into His likeness (2 Corinthians 3:18).  Our likeness to God consists in the fact that we, too, are creators.  Every man creates for himself his surroundings, the world in which he lives, just like the silkworm spins its own cocoon.  A bad or good world--man is its creator.  The one who has faith creates the best world, a heaven" (76) (our underlining). 

 Heaven Preview Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, based in the U.S. but international in scope, founded in November 2011, by Dr. Codrina Cozma in collaboration with a young, talented, and enthusiastic team, and on the basic precepts of Christianity: love and compassion for the helpless and the lost.  We believe that Heaven will be a place where every individual will enjoy love, protection, and the fulfillment of his/her needs and potential.   Our vision is to enact worldwide changes that would create, in Pastor Wurmbrand's words, "a heaven."  It is our hope that as we extend spiritual and financial help to disadvantaged social categories--the disabled, the poor, addicts, and immigrants--, our healing actions will produce now, on this earth, a preview of the future Heaven.