At this time, Heaven Preview Foundation supports individuals who pursue a counseling program in order to deal with an unwanted addiction to substances or with unwanted addictive sexual behaviors.  


The Detox Program

Addictive substances, such as nicotine, alcohol, legal or illegal drugs, not only poison our bodies and disable our psychic and mental balance, but also work havoc in our social, work, and family relations.  Heaven Preview Foundation supports individuals who are seeking professional help for substance addictions by extending grants to individuals who pursue a counseling program.       


The True Identity Program

Few people understand that struggling with unwanted gender confusion or same-sex attraction is a heart-breaking, agonizing experience.  For those in the LGBT community who are determined to explore their true identity, aside from moral pressures and political agendas, Heaven Preview Foundation offers financial support for counseling expenses.   


The Healing Words Program

America is a melting pot of languages and cultures.  However, many people who live here have a limited English proficiency, and if they happen to be affected by any addiction, they do not have access to powerful healing literature.  They need these books and leaflets and movies translated into their native languages.  Again, the materials produced in English could benefit millions of other people overseas who do not know English.  On the other hand, the English-speaking world could benefit from the stories of overcomers from around the world who produced materials in other languages, so we need these materials translated into English. 

Oftentimes, the authors, publishers, or distributors of such materials cannot support the high price of translating them to and from English.  Heaven Preview Foundation plans to secure funding to pay for the translation of such materials and will partner with individual authors and other organizations and institutions for these projects.


The Voice of Overcomers Program

Knowledge is power, so we would like to empower people affected by addictions and their families and friends by the knowledge that there are many people who have overcome them.  This program will organize events that will highlight successful guest speakers for specific addictive behaviors.


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