Heaven Preview Foundation is now offering Christian Counseling for

  • Faith guidance
  • Grieving
  • Trauma
  • Marriage
  • Unwanted same-sex attraction
  • Addictions (substance, sexual, gambling, food)
  • Cultural adjustment for immigrants
  • Stress management
  • Financial personal planning
  • Work conflict
  • Career orientation

 Our counselor, Dr. Codrina Cozma, is a Christian, a multilingual translator and English professor, has a degree in Psychology and a degree in Accounting from Valdosta State University (2017), and is a minister commissioned by the National Christian Conservative Church (since 2016).

 Counseling sessions can be held

  • By phone
  • By email
  • In person
  • On Skype / Facebook call

 To make an appointment, you can call 229-251-9927 or email

 Counseling is offered in the following languages: English, Spanish, and Romanian.


We encourage our donors to support this program to cover the counseling for people who cannot afford to pay for it. 

We never turn down someone who cannot pay!