Alexander Grant for Alcoholism Rehabilitation

Alexander was a handsome and dynamic young man.  He got married and had two beautiful sons.  An expert in the tourism industry, Alexander worked his way up to the CEO position of a major restaurant and then opened his own restaurant.  Alexander would pull banknotes out of his pocket and share with people in need.  His house was always opened for everybody.  He sheltered and fed homeless people at his business place.  And then family and work pressures became unbearable for him.  So he turned to alcohol for relief. The rest of his life was spent on medication, hospital stays, and hopeless drinking.  Alexander died at the age of 57 due to heart-related complications.  Alexander died an alcoholic. 

 This is the story of a dear uncle of someone who volunteers at Heaven Preview Foundation.  Do not let this be the story of your uncle, your sister, your husband, your niece, your son.  Donate today to pay the way through rehabilitation of a precious soul trapped in alcoholism.

On behalf of Alexander, we thank you!         

Tom Grant for Drugs Rehabilitation

A young man who wanted so much to see his parents get back together, Tom was thirsty for love and attention in his teenage years.  And he found great companionship with people who introduced him to a quick fix for his pain: a magic powder called cocaine.  Life went into fast motion for him from periods of sobriety to promising jobs, plans to go to college, then back to drugs and to facing legal consequences.  Tom loved animals, and he loved people.  He always helped others with his work, with his hugs, with his words.  Tom loved God and clung to Him for strength to stay sober, and then when life bit him again, he relapsed into the irresistible deep sea of drugs.  Tom died of an overdose.  He was only 31.

 Please help give a different ending to the life story of someone addicted to drugs.  Think that Tom could be someone you know who is always ready to help you with anything and greets you with a smile every day.                

Thank you for donating to save someone in Tom's memory!

Jenny Grant for Nicotine Addiction Rehabilitation

            Jenny is the sister and Mom who has been struggling with quitting for so many years. When you support this grant with your donations, you save the life of someone who could fall prey to cancer or heart disease.

Thank you for your love!

Paul Grant for LGBT Therapy

People of different genders, ages, and socio-economic status struggle with unwanted gender or sexual orientation confusion or conflicting feelings and thoughts.  They hopelessly waver between guilt, desires, disappointing relationships, attachment loss, and inability to define their identity.  Their family and friends often agonize over the apparently slim chances of a way out of such tendencies and behaviors.  Heaven Preview Foundation supports Dr. Joseph Nicolosi's therapy concepts and Christian counseling offered by ex-gays or ex-transgender persons and promotes the reality that there are thousands of LGBT-affected individuals worldwide who have successfully overcome their struggles.  Paul was very far from even desiring to become a Christian, and still when God called him, He gave Paul a radically different identity.  This grant is based on the unwavering faith that "nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:37), and that our true identity and "life is hidden with Christ in God" (Colossians 3:3).      

 Applicants must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

1. to have experienced any LGBT desires, thoughts, and/or behavior

2. to have a genuine and conscious desire to learn about the causes of LGBT tendencies and about strategies of coping with them to avoid acting on such feelings and thoughts

3. to be willing to openly discuss his/her LGBT issues with a reparative therapy counselor of his/her choice or with one contracted by Heaven Preview Foundation

When grants become available, their application requirements and eligibility criteria are published on our Home page.