Some disabilities are seen, and others are hidden.  In all cases, people affected by disabilities face daily challenges in vital areas of their lives such as transportation, housing, care, and social interactions.  Heaven Preview Foundation is working on developing, funding, and implementing viable programs that will make a difference in all these areas.  Please join us by praying with us, volunteering, or donating.


The Autopilot Program

The costs of modifying a vehicle for a wheelchair-bound passenger or driver are staggering, while the financial resources for this purpose are scarce and the eligibility criteria of government-funded are tight.  The fact sheet below offers in-depth information about needs in this area.  Our Autopilot Program is designed to seek funding in order to offer assistance to disabled people by extending financial grants to individuals for covering the expenses related to purchasing and installing adaptive driving equipment, modified or modifiable vehicles, to installing ramps and automatic doors in vehicles, and to the costs of specialized training/rehabilitation for driving with adaptive equipment.     

This program is now awaiting funding.

Driving from an Wheelchair Fact Sheet

The Chauffeur Program  

In certain cases, certain disabled persons are going through a permanent or temporary stage in their lives when they cannot be rehabilitated to drive on their own.  For those who can afford to lease or own a modified vehicle, our Chauffeur Program offers reliable drivers who can drive them around for a low fee calculated based on their net income.

This program is now awaiting funding.

The Pegasus Program

This program is designed for disabled individuals who cannot afford to lease or rent a modified vehicle.  HPF plans to acquire wheelchair-accessible mini-vans and will work with volunteers to drive them in order to provide accessible and reliable transportation to disabled people in this category, at a cost calculated based on their net income.   

This program is now awaiting funding.


The Residence Access Program  

Disabled renters frequently have a hard time negotiating the extent of the ADA residential modifications with their landlords due to the cost of such much needed adaptations.  New home owners who happen to be disabled are perhaps equally overwhelmed with the cost of making their new homes accessible.  The HPF Residence Access Program meets those financial needs by extending financial grants to disabled tenants or homeowners for covering the expenses of disability-related modifications on owned or rented indoor and outdoor residential spaces.

This program is now awaiting funding.


The Dream House Program

Attempting to modify a house to make it wheelchair-accessible is more often than not a frustrating experience due to existing architectural designs that feature insufficiently large bedrooms and bathrooms, narrow hallways, and obstructive walls and fixtures.  Heaven Preview Foundation envisions creating residential communities in which both outdoor and indoor spaces will be designed in close collaboration with advisors who live with various disabilities.  As soon as this program receives sufficient funding, we will design and build disability-accessible residential units (apartments and houses) that will be then offered as rental and rent-to-buy property to disabled individuals at a rent rate calculated based on the net income of the disabled tenant and at a net purchase price that excludes any interest for rent-to-buy contracts.  The funds collected by charging rent will be used to cover property insurance, taxes, and maintenance, and the remaining funds will go towards building other new accessible homes.  To be eligible for admission as tenants in these residential units, applicants will have to prove a wheelchair-bound disability and an annual income lower than $80,000.        

 This program is now awaiting funding.



The Healing Touch Program

Heaven Preview Foundation is committed to meeting the medical needs of children, whose families cannot afford much needed medical assistance.  Our Healing Touch Program extends Diana Alexandra Grants for covering medical expenses for individuals in the U.S. and abroad. 

This program is now awaiting funding.


The Helping Hands Program

Simple self-care tasks such as getting dressed or fetching the toothbrush become a daunting goal if you live with a disability.  Moreover, the house chores like cooking and cleaning are never on the list of things disabled individuals can do with ease.  While eligibility for financial assistance through programs that help in this area remains highly restricted, the needs are tantamount.  Our Helping Hands Program extends financial grants to disabled individuals for covering the expenses of hiring care-takers or domestic staff.

This program is now awaiting funding.


The Enable Campaign

Many people are simply not aware of how they may hurt a disabled driver if they park to the right of a modified vehicle and this way block the way for the wheelchair ramp to come down.  There are many other social contexts in which able people could do easy things that would enable a disabled person to have a smooth daily routine.  Heaven Preview Foundation plans to produce and distribute educational materials and literature and to organize events in order to raise awareness of the needs of disabled people.  

This program is now awaiting funding.

For a list of scheduled and proposed events (still awaiting funding), please click on the Events tab.


The D-Voice Program

Heaven Preview Foundation will engage in an in-depth legal research of existing protective legislation for disabled people, will determine what is missing from it, and will seek to propose legal measures that will enhance the quality of life of people affected by disabilities.  Our scope ranges from work rights to equal access in leisure and entertainment places.  Our lobbying activities will stay within the limit on expenditures for influencing legislation regulated by IRS.

This program is now awaiting funding.