Heaven Preview Foundation depends on your help to be able to reach out to those in need.  


You may donate by check or money order made out to Heaven Preview Foundation and mailed to:

 Heaven Preview Foundation

3843 Thoreau Drive

Valdosta, GA 31605 USA

 Please write on your check or money order the name of the HPF program or grant for which you would like to donate, i.e. The Voice of Overcomers (program) or Food Relief Grant.


If you prefer to donate using your credit card, you may do so securely by clicking on the Donate button below.  This will take you to a page on which you can click on Continue under the option:

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Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue



You can also securely donate online through PayPal to directly from your PayPal account or by choosing the PayPal option once you click on the Donate button above.  Again, please mention on the comments/description of this transaction the name of the program or grant to which you are contributing. 


Your contribution brings a piece of Heaven to our grantees.

Thank you for making possible for so many people to experience God's love in action!