Diana Alexandra came into this world as the answer to many years of prayers.  In her native Romania, Diana could not enjoy many of the joys of childhood such as making a snowman or playing hide-and-seek because she spent her life confined to a wheelchair, but she always radiated faith, love, and joy around her.  She had a precocious talent for learning foreign languages, and by third grade, she was already an advanced student of French, German, English, and Spanish.  Diana also had many questions for her pastor and often asked about Heaven.  She read her Bible and prayed daily, recited Christian poems, and loved to sing worship songs.  When she was 9, Diana Alexandra became very ill with pneumonia, and her precious soul flew to Heaven to be with our Lord Jesus Christ.  Diana never had a chance to go to school on this earth beyond third grade.  Diana's family wishes to turn the pain of this separation from Diana into a blessing for others.  We wish to do for others what we can no longer do for her.  These grants have been established in Diana's memory, so that children and young people who have the gift of life can reach their dreams.  This is Diana's legacy on this Earth! 

Diana Alexandra Grant for Higher Education Students (available to low-income, high-GPA students enrolled at South Georgia State College)

Diana Alexandra Grant for Graduate Students (available to low-income, high-GPA graduate students enrolled at Valdosta State University)

Diana Alexandra Grant for Academic Excellence (available to low-income, high-GPA students enrolled at schools overseas)

When grants become available, their application requirements and eligibility criteria are published on our Home page.