Heaven Preview Foundation will organize events and produce and distribute educational materials and literature that will promote spiritual and physical health with a focus on Christianity, ecumenical dialogue, healthy spiritual and physical practices, alternative medicine, and the usage of organic products and natural resources.  This organization will also engage in limited lobbying activities that will promote healthy food legislation and the rights of religious groups or religion-oriented service providers.

The Spiritual Health Program

Heaven Preview Foundation promotes spiritual health based on the belief that this type of health strongly impacts the mental and physical health of individuals and communities.  Our events in this category will offer worship and praise opportunities as well as useful information and guidance. 


The Voice of Faith Program

This is a program designed to engage the public into formulating legislative proposals that would protect the freedom of speech and the right to carry out faith-based activities of religious groups and faith-based service providers (such as Christian counselors, religious groups engaged in protecting a certain type of nutrition, etc.).  Our engagement in lobbying activities in this area will run on a limited expenditures schedule for influencing legislation as regulated by IRS.


The Back to Nature Program

Heaven Preview Foundation focuses on what God created for people as the best source of health for a fulfilled life.  Therefore, we promote organic products and the use of natural resources for routine consumption and for treating ailments.  This program will conduct a series of events and awareness campaigns on the topics of air/soil/water pollution, healthy nutrition, alternative medicine, and incorporating natural resources in our daily routines.   


The Health ABC Program

This is a program that will focus exclusively on producing and/or publicizing research in the field of health with a singular focus on organic products and natural remedies.  Funding the translation and publication of work on this topic into or from other languages also makes the object of this program.     

For a list of scheduled and proposed events (still awaiting funding), please click on the Events tab on the top of this screen.