Dr. Codrina Cozma, President

Our Founder and President, Dr. Codrina Cozma, has been blessed with a special exposure to diverse cultures, languages, religious backgrounds, and especially human suffering. Born in Romania in the time of the totalitarian communist regime, she experienced there religious persecution and poverty, but she also had the opportunity to get an early and rigorous education in foreign languages.  She is forever indebted to her cosmopolitan European background for her multilingualism and her joy of sharing love with people of all nations. 

While in Romania, Codrina, who was born with Muscular Dystrophy, struggled with a sheer lack of wheelchair accessibility and with the discriminatory mentality of a society that regarded disabled people as a social disgrace and shut them out of education institutions and work places.  However, it was in Romania, in a small Christian Baptist church, that Codrina, at the age of 15, made the decision to follow Christ and live her life for Him.  Four years later, as a token of her commitment to God, Codrina chose to be baptized in secret; at that time, that was the only way to do it, due to sustained persecution.   


Codrina's God-given faith in Jesus Christ is what turned the impossible into reality in her life, and it is the driving power behind Heaven Preview Foundation.  But this organization is also the fulfillment of a promise to help children, a promise Codrina and her mother made to God in the midst of an indescribable pain, at the funeral of Codrina's little sister, Diana Alexandra.  Diana was the promised child.  Codrina spent her entire childhood praying for a little blue-eyed sister with golden, curly hair.  When Diana was born, she perfectly fit this prayer description, and spiritually she was a little angel thirsty to constantly learn about God.  At the age of 9, Diana was already fast learning four foreign languages, and she was having deep theological conversations with her pastor.  In November 1996, 11 days after her 9th birthday, Diana's little body fell prey to pneumonia, and her spirit flew to Heaven to spend eternity with our Heavenly Father.  It is to Diana's memory that Heaven Preview Foundation has been created with one of its foci being international outreach programs for children affected by disabilities and poverty.              

Codrina first came to the U.S. in 1993, when a U.S. doctor miraculously offered her a life-saving surgical procedure.  She later returned to the States in 1998 for her undergraduate and then graduate studies and legally remained in this country ever since.  In 2013, Codrina became a U.S. citizen, which was the answer to many years of prayer.  Codrina strongly believes the U.S. is the Canaan God promised her, and she feels privileged to carry on her multi-faceted work in this country.  At the same time, since the U.S. is a country built on immigration, Codrina feels being an American means in fact embracing a complex multilingual and multicultural identity.  A formally trained and experienced multilingual translator, Dr. Codrina Cozma is currently serving as an Associate Professor of English in the University System of Georgia.  Codrina has recently returned to school to pursue degrees in accounting and counseling.  She feels blessed to be a member of Perimeter Road Baptist Church in Valdosta, GA, a church that focuses, as Christ does, on the heart of each precious individual.    

In the middle of victories, tears, challenges, needs, and hopes, Codrina's main life goal remains holiness.  She deeply desires to be a chosen vessel through which God's love and light can shine in this world and bring healing, peace, and joy.  Please support her in your heart-felt prayers, so she can continue to fulfill her mission on this Earth!

"Jesus, All For Jesus" by Robin Mark

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