We believe that the human body was designed by God to be a Temple, clean and holy enough so that God's Holy Spirit could live in it (1 Corinthians 6:19).  People who "sin against their own bodies" (1 Corinthians 6:18) not only cannot maintain the right relationship with God, but also harm their physical bodies through the use of toxic substances that negatively affect their internal organs or by engaging in types of sexual behaviors God forbade and which will expose them to physical diseases and psychological imbalance.      

We believe that what the Scriptures call "sin" is actually detrimental to our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  God Who created us also knows what behavior best suits our complex design, functions, and purpose, and He forbids certain practices just because He knows they will create disorder, imbalance, and eventually physical and spiritual death.  Every sin mentioned in the Bible has medical, psychological, and social negative consequences.  For example, sexual promiscuity leads to venereal diseases, some of which are fatal, such as AIDS. Also because we were not made for sin, but for holiness, when we sin, we are more prone to depression, more vulnerable to dissatisfaction with the world and with ourselves, which we then have to alleviate by other addictive behaviors such as substance abuse.  Ultimately, because God's very nature is holiness, we cannot sustain a connection with him while we are in sin, so, apart from our Creator, we are spiritually dead and without access to eternal life. This gap created by sin between us and God can be bridged only by Christ's cross; when we come to the feet of the Cross, we receive forgiveness, healing, and the strength to stay away from sin and to fulfill our God-given potential.  The Cross should be a daily pilgrimage destination for a Christian.  

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