Dr. Codrina Cozma, President


Codrina is an Associate Professor of English with extensive formal training and experience as a multilingual translator.  She has been blessed with deep compassion for human suffering since she experienced many facets of it throughout her life.  She is happy to use her God-given talents and experiences to be a blessing in the world.  For more information, go to

the President page of this website

Bobbie Davonna Davis, Secretary


As a Psychology major, Bobbie plans to further her education on into graduate school by obtaining the Behavior Analyst Certification and a Ph.D. in Psychology. She wears many “hats” as a student, daughter, friend, and Autism advocate; all of which she fully enjoys! First and foremost, however, Bobbie is a Christian. She firmly believes that all of life’s struggles can be overcome through belief and faith in Jesus Christ. 

Christopher Rogers, Treasurer


A graduate from Valdosta State University and a successful professional in the Atlanta metro area, Christopher has a deep faith and a keen interest in helping this charitable organization reach its full potential by ensuring that the financial stability of this organization stays intact. God puts us through many trials and led us to the understanding that the spirit of giving of oneself pushes us to be good stewards of His words. Christopher believes that to give is to receive and tries to live his life to do the good works which God has blessed us to do in this life.

Iti Kansal, Board of Directors Member


A 20-years old nursing major, Iti brought the cultural richness of her native India to the U.S. when she immigrated a few years ago.  She is an intelligent, focused, caring young lady with strong family values.  Iti is bringing a valuable contribution to Heaven Preview Foundation in the area of our medical care programs as well as in our multilingual outreach endeavors.

Erika Wyatt, Board of Directors Member


Erika is working on her Bachelor's degree in Foreign Language Education and ESOL endorsement at Valdosta State University. She believes that by teaching she will be leaving a seed of knowledge and support for the idea that each child has the right to learn, to express himself/herself, and to give the best no matter the circumstances because we all deserve a second chance to succeed and give back to our communities. Erika is originally from Colombia South America, and her native language is Spanish. Although she has initially felt knowing Spanish was a disadvantage, she has seized multiple opportunities throughout the years to help businesses, churches, and different entities and individuals to reach the Hispanic community, which is the fastest growing minority in the United States. Her linguistic and interpersonal skills allow her to outreach and educate both cultures and also to be a spokeswoman of the needs of each culture.  Erika sees Heaven Preview Foundation as a chance to offer her support to the community and to share her experience with our staff, grantees, and donors for a better outlook on life. She is a firm believer in God, and she is convinced that by helping others, we are reflecting God unconditional love and forgiveness.          

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