Dr. Silvia Maria Chireac, International University Education Consultant


Dr. Silvia Maria Chireac is a Lecturer of Hispanic Linguistics at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi (Romania), where she teaches MA courses and coordinates MA dissertations in Linguistics and Education. She received her Master degree from the University of Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) and her Doctoral degree from the University of Lleida (Catalonia, Spain) on a scholarship awarded by the Government of Catalonia. Her research interests lie in the much broader areas of Romanic linguistics, bilingualism and multilingualism, which include second language acquisition and bilingual and multilingual education. She is an active researcher with an international academic profile, and she authored books chapters, a wide range of peer-reviewed articles in journals and conference proceedings. She has experience in collaborative projects as a member of the research group “Plurilingualism and Education,” and she had presented a significant number of papers at international conferences across Europe. 

Elena Socol, International Public Education Consultant


Mrs. Elena Socol has been serving for over 30 years as a Science teacher in the Romanian education system and is currently the Director of Grup Şcolar Roznov (Roznov Academic Group) in Neamţ County.  She is the HPF contact person for public education in her area and assists us in marketing our programs and in recruiting grantees for the Diana-Alexandra International Scholarship.   

Alina Manolache, Legal Consultant


Alina Manolache worked as a legal assistant for a family lawyer while pursuing her Juris Doctor degree in Legal Studies from" Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iaşi (Romania).  Her interests reside in completing a legal career in United States as an international lawyer or legal consultant. Her current activities are studying and improving her English, Spanish, and French and preparing for the Bar Exam and for admission to the Texas Bar Association.

Crystal Anderson, Disabilities Consultant


Mrs. Crystal Anderson teaches college courses that focus on public speaking, business communication, and mass media for the University System of Georgia. She earned her undergraduate degree at Valdosta State University. She completed her graduate degree at the University of Georgia. Crystal enjoys participating in public speaking engagements, fundraising events, and family activities.

Terrell Andrews, Poverty Outreach Consultant


Terrell is currently a senior at Valdosta State University, studying criminal justice. He believes in having integrity in everything we do. His hobbies are reading, singing, and going to the movies with family and friends. He thoroughly enjoys helping people and doing his best to serve the community.

Chris Delaney, Sexual Orientation Therapy Consultant


Chris founded Joseph's Coat Ministries, Inc., a 501(c)3 tax-exempt Christian organization, in 1996 and has since served as Director and President of this organization. Previously, Chris served in full-time ministry to AIDS patients and as a volunteer or staff member for local churches. Chris married Nicole in August 2002, and they have a daughter born in 2004 and a son born in 2006. Chris shares his personal testimony of how God has delivered and healed him from unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA).

Rev. George Bennett, Substance Abuse Consultant (Alcoholism)


Valdosta, GA is blessed to have Rev. George Bennett as a resident. He has an impressive trajectory as a Christian pastor and is the retired pastor of First Christian Church in Valdosta. Rev. Bennett has been extensively involved locally and nationally in community-serving programs and media projects. He currently serves as the Chairman of the board of Directors of Better Neighborhood Housing Corporation, a low income housing development, and he is an active member of numerous non-profit corporations.

Leia Duerr, Substance Abuse Consultant (Drugs Addiction)


Leia is a nurse who has experience working with alcoholics and addicts to recover from the disease of addiction through twelve-step programs. She has been involved with recovery for more than 12 years and has a special understanding and compassion for those suffering. She teaches the addict or alcoholic to do 5 simple things each day: Pray - ask God to help you stay clean and sober for today; speak to another addict or alcoholic in recovery; read something from their twelve-step program literature; go to a meeting for their program; and at night thank God for getting them and you through the day clean and sober. It works!

Sylvia Griffin, Substance Abuse Consultant (Smoking)


Sylvia is a 50ish-year old college student. First and foremost, she will tell you she is a child of the God of second chances. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother. Having entered the workforce immediately following her high school graduation in 1976, Sylvia has now taken the opportunity to further her education by seeking a college degree in business. Her testimony will tell how various addictions have played a detrimental role in her life, and how choosing to follow the path Jesus has laid out for her has set her back on the right path.

Margaret Book, Alternative Medicine Consultant


For the last 15 years, Margaret has studied and explored natural healing and natural living, mostly as a passionate hobby. Her mother was born with Spina Bifida and had many health issues as a result; her need for medicine awakened in Margaret a desire to help her mothers and others, with alternate choices to medications that may be more harmful than good. Margaret is currently pursuing a degree in biology at South Georgia College and plans to be a registered member of the American Herbalists Guild within the next five years. Margaret believes God provided for us in nature all we need to be healthy if we have the knowledge and the wisdom to apply that knowledge.

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