Heaven Preview Foundation offers scholarships to international students who are enrolled in an accredited higher education program in the U.S. and to pupils and students in other countries, on a competitive basis, and on eligibility criteria related to low-income, disabilities, and academic performance.

U.S. International Students Program

In the U.S., there are very few scholarships available to international students, while the fees for such students are usually triple compared to in-state tuition.  Moreover, international students often do not qualify for student loans and are legally allowed to work only 20 hours per week and only on campus.  These financial pressures make it very difficult for bright students from overseas to survive on an American campus.  We live in a globalization era, in which cultural and economical borders tend to dissipate.  Our efforts to support international students who study in the U.S. is conducive to a climate of cultural richness, tolerance, and diversity on our American campuses.


U.S. Immigrant/Minority Students Program

We stand with the Bible on helping the immigrants and their descendants who often fall in economically disadvantaged social categories. Abraham, the father of the faithful, was called to become and immigrant; Moses issued rules for the protection of aliens; and Christ himself included helping the immigrants as one of the deeds that will serve as a standard for judging individuals at the Last Judgment. Therefore, Heaven Preview Foundation is committed to supporting students who come from immigrant families and minority ethnicities.


Overseas International Education Program

Our scholarships for pupils overseas are meant to award academic excellence and offer an incentive for the pursuance of a career to children and teenagers who are enrolled in public schools and for whom poverty and disabilities negatively impact their chance to an education.  

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