Heaven Preview Foundation will provide relief to the poor by extending grants to individuals or families with a low-income for the purpose of purchasing food, clothes, school supplies and equipment, and medication.  Our policies allow our beneficiaries to purchase the products of their choice within a specific category as long as these items meet quality control standards and are sold by an authorized merchant.  Heaven Preview Foundation is not responsible for liability related to defective products purchased with our funds. 


The Food Outreach

Heaven Preview Foundation would like to sensitize the public awareness to vital survival needs such as food.  We provide financial means for purchasing food to families affected by severe poverty, but unfortunately we cannot do so on a permanent basis.  At this time, we offer one time grants for food to eligible individuals.  This program is tailored as much as possible so that our grantees will not be offered low quality food that is in the long run detrimental to health.


The Clothing Outreach

So many children and teenagers can only afford the second-hand clothes that they receive from charities; these clothes are often too small, too big, inappropriate for their age, or they represent the ultimate expression of bad taste or low quality fabric.  Heaven Preview Foundation offers one-time grants to children and teenagers from low-income families, so that they can purchase the clothes of their choice and taste.


The Ready-for-School Program

For low-income families, Heaven Preview Foundation extends one-time grants to cover some of the costs of school supplies and equipment (such as calculators) for children enrolled in home schooling or in a public school.


The Medication Program

This program extends one-time grants to go toward the cost of prescribed medication for low-income individuals. Elderly and disabled applicants have priority over other categories of applicants.  This program does not support the purchase of narcotics of any type or addictive drugs even if they are prescribed by a medical doctor.


For a list of available and proposed grants (which are awaiting funding), please click on the Grants tab on the top of this screen.